Avendale Old & Drumclog.



Morning Services 
Every Sunday
Drumclog Memorial Kirk 9.30am
Avendale Old Parish 11.00am
Crèche (age 0-3), His Kids (age 3-11) and Yoof our teenage and young adult group all meet every Sunday during term time.
The leader of Yoof is Chris and Claire Macrae tel 01698 792344: Email or speak to him on a Sunday morning. Yoof meeting from 9:50am until 10:50am.

His Kids contact Dyan Spence tel 01357671315 Email

Communion Services
Drumclog Memorial Kirk 9.30am
Avendale Old Parish 11.00am

Communion services in Avendale and Drumclog are “all-age” and all baptised children (of primary or secondary school age) are welcome to receive communion.
Members who are ill or housebound can celebrate a short service of Communion lasting about 20 minutes in their own home. For further details please contact the Session Clerk who will be happy to make the necessary arrangements.


Order Of Service

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