Avendale Old & Drumclog.

Avendale Old


Although the parish of Avendale was created in the late 11th or early 12th century, more than 400 years before the Reformation of the 16th century, little information has survived about the early parish churches. There is a record of a church existing in Strathaven in 1288, but its whereabouts we don’t know. Perhaps the local names Threestanes and Kirklandpark give an indication. However, before Avendale was built on its present site in 1772, the people of Strathaven worshipped in St Mary’s Kirk which was situated in the graveyard facing Strathaven Castle, probably about where the telephone exchange is now. The first regular ordained minister in Strathaven after the Reformation was David Cunningham who was inducted in 1563, and it is worthy of note that the parish church of Avendale has remained in continuous communion with the established Church of Scotland.



Dumclog Memorial Kirk

The first church building at Drumclog was opened in 1901, following the decision of Presbytery that the local population was large enough and the distance separating Strathaven great enough to warrant the erection of a church.


59A Kirk St

Strathaven ML10 6LB,




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